About Anastasia

Anastasia is an award winning, internationally qualified (Moscow, Bangkok, Sydney) dog groomer with experience working in France and Australia, and now provides a complete dog grooming service from her professional salon based in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, Australia. The daughter of a wildlife ranger, living in the forests of Russia, Anastasia grew up surrounded by a world of animals – and accumulated and fell in love with all sorts of pets – from bear cubs to hedgehogs (very difficult to groom!).

The one constant love throughout her life has been dogs and she understands so well, the special love shared between dogs and their human families.
For the last 12 years, its has been “Jina”, the adorable miniature Yorkshire Terrier (complete with a bow in her hair) sharing Anastasia’s adventures.

Anastasia began her professional grooming career working with a demanding international clientele in the magnificent UNESCO listed city of Lyon, the second largest city in France seated at the foot of the Alps.

After working in France for 3 years, Anastasia returned to Sydney. She worked as the Senior Groomer at several salons in Sydney’s Neutral Bay and the North West of Sydney.

Later working as the senior groomer at veterinary clinics in The Hills District before taking over as the senior groomer at the exclusive Mosman Vet.
In 2016, Anastasia opened her own grooming salon in Baulkham Hills, in Sydney’s North Western, “Hills District” Anastasia’s Dog Grooming has quickly become a hit with pet owners from all over Sydney who are looking to provide care, attention and that special touch to make their loved ones stand out in the crowd.

Constant professional development is a cornerstone of Anastasia’s ethos, and she has been professionally trained in Moscow, Bangkok, and Sydney, having completed:

🐾 2013 Milord -Dog grooming school (Moscow, Russia)
🐾 2017 Starwood Art of Dog Grooming school (Bangkok, Thailand) 2017 IPG Australia
🐾 2018 House of Artisan The art in Poodles (Sydney, Australia) 2018 IPG Australia
🐾 2020 House of Artisan The art in Poodles (Sydney, Australia)

And been awarded a number of ribbons at dow shows including:

🐾 2017 Melbourne Pet Grooming Championship – 2nd Novice Pure Breed 2019 Sydney
🐾 Grooming Spectacular – 1st Novice Poodle
🐾 2019 Bathurst Dog Grooming Competition – 1st Open Poodle
🐾 2019 Sydney GroomQuest – 1st Open Poodle